Hot weather makeup

We’ve been having some nice warm weather in Melbourne recently, so I figured a post on hot weather makeup would be timely. For most of us, the hot weather here in Australia will mean we need to take a look at our skincare and makeup. The first step to remember is that flawless makeup always starts with good skincare.

With summer skincare, you may need to take care of slightly more oily skin in summer, so you may find you need to start using a masque weekly to ensure your skin does not get too oily. If you’re finding your skin is getting oily, it may also be an idea to change your usual foundation to a mineral powder. Mineral powder foundations will work with the oils in your skin to provide a flawless coverage.

Metallic eye makeup is also in at the moment, particularly for the summer party season. The trick to making this trend look good, is to ensure the skin around your eyes is in good condition. Hence, you can’t have wrinkly skin, or it will fall into the creases, and make them look more noticeable. The key to this is a good eye cream. Leave this to sink in for a while, and then follow with an excellent makeup primer before applying a small amount of concealer on your eyelid to act as a base.

You also need to ensure your application is 100%, so you don’t end up with too much makeup, as this doesn’t look good in the hot weather. Good quality brushes are the first step to amazing application.

Also, don’t go overboard on blush or bronzer. Its there to give you a slight glow, not to make you look tanned and brown (that’s what a spray tan is for). If you need any help, don’t forget, we’re here to help.

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