Makeup Tips for warmer weather

With the warmer weather being here this week in Melbourne, I started thinking about warmer weather, and the coming party season. Sometimes we all need a little help when it comes to our makeup. There are a few makeup tips for warmer weather I’ve learned over the years that will help your makeup last the distance.

First, make sure you have a good canvas.
One thing that most people forget when doing their makeup is that makeup always looks better when the canvas is good! I get asked so often to cover up blemishes, and dark under eye circles, which could be minimised, or gotten rid of completely with a good skin care routine. Cleanse, tone, and then use a good moisturiser and eye cream.
Cleansing is important in summer because it gets rid of all the oil and sweat.
Toning is also important as it minimises the appearance of pores, which can become enlarged in summer when we often sweat more.
Yes, even in the middle of summer, you need to moisturise. This is important, as it means your skin doesn’t suck up the makeup as it looks for some moisture.
An eye cream will also mean less concealer is needed on any dark circles around the eyes. Whilst I know these can be hereditary, they can be minimised.
Secondly, make sure you drink plenty of water. This will also help your skin look better.
Thirdly, once your skin looks better, you will need less makeup, so you may even be able to tone down to a tinted moisturiser, instead of foundation. This will also help your skin in summer.
When you finally get your foundation or tinted moisturiser on, follow up with any concealer you need. Minimise the use of concealer, only use it where necessary, as the more makeup you have on, the harder it can be for your skin to breathe, and hence the more it will sweat.
Follow up with a good dusting of powder to set your makeup. The powder will also make sure the makeup doesn’t melt off, and will soak up any excess oil, so you don’t get too oily.
From there, you’re good to go, and you just need whatever colour you would like to wear. This base will also form a good base for colour, and allow it to last longer. All you will need to take with you, is a powder or some blotting sheets to make sure you don’t get too oily or shiny.
Good luck for the rest of the party season. If you would like any further information, please contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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